Understanding the Pain CyclePainCycle

Because people suffering from chronic pain often grow accustomed to their discomfort, they may not realize the impact that their pain has on their everyday lives. Symptoms of trigger points can present as stabbing pain, achiness, stiffness, weakness, loss of fluid movement and limited range of motion. The location and quality of trigger point pain can be difficult to define. Chronic muscle pain is very wearing on the nervous system and may interrupt normal sleep patterns.

With unrelenting pain and lack of sleep, irritability is unavoidable. This irritability can cause negative responses from those around us, creating social stress. Often this stress affects job performance, which can have an impact on financial health. The stress of dealing with pain and social maintenance can become so difficult that one can become withdrawn and sink into depression. This self perpetuating cycle may increase symptoms. Trigger point therapy can interrupt the pain cycle and set you free!