Client Feedback

“I have been living and working with left shoulder pain for the last 8 month with the pain being excruciating at night. I have seen several doctors, specialist, physical therapy and Chiropractor with no relief.  Visiting my sister for Thanksgiving she said try Riki!  I did and it was literally like WOW, NO PAIN, it was such a huge relief!  I slept that night for 7 hrs, first time in months. I keep waiting for the pain to come back but it has not!  Riki takes her time to really understand your pain and knows just what to do to help! I could not hold back my tears, the pain relief was overwhelming. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I wish you lived closer!”
Jill Byrd RN, Oceanside, California

“I was really nervous about the race and thought I would have to walk the entire course because of my hip.  But that was not the case at all, I ran everywhere you could run with NO pain at all.  We finished the 10 miles and did every obstacle.  I have done PT, chiro and acupuncture for my hip with no results at all.  What you did felt like a miracle and I cannot thank you enough!!!”
Ellen, Pepperell, MA (Tough Mudder Competitor)

“I was unable to be with my kids, exercise, or even go out with my husband. I was unable to live my life due to the back pain and all the medicine that I was on… It was at that point that I called Riki. Knowing what I know now, I wish I had called her sooner. After one session, I was able to bend forward a bit. After the 2nd session, I was able to come off a lot of my pain medication. By the 3rd session, I could move with a freedom that I haven’t had since I was 32 years old. The 4th session, I was trying to hold back my tears of happiness. My pain meds are there, just in case…but have not used them for a week now.”
Tori, Dunstable, MA

“I went to Riki for my usual massage, while talking with her, I mentioned my jaw was sore due to excessive clenching during sleep. My teeth were not really touching when I closed my mouth since my bite was so messed up. Riki said that trigger point therapy might help. She went to work on my jaw. The results were amazing! My bite immediately lined up correctly  and has stayed that way ever since. I was able to wear my mouth guard at night with no pain and  slept soundly for the first time, in a long while. It was truly amazing, I am still doing fine six months later, with only two treatments.”
Karen, Dunstable, MA